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About Communicate AT

Adam Lynn of Communicate AT
Websters dictionary defines Technology  as "a manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge".

Assistive technology, or AT, covers many tools that assist people with accomplishing daily living tasks and can be as simple as a bent spoon or as complex as an electric wheelchair.

Electronic AT is what excites and drives Communicate AT as our interest lies in modern computer and digital technologies and we understand how the right piece of equipment can make a significant difference to a person living with a disability. C
ommunicate AT provides technology options to assist people with disabilities achieve greater personal independence.

We believe that communication and accessibility are the cornerstones of learning and greater independence and have gathered a catalogue of electronic AT options that meet many communication and accessibility needs.  If you're looking for a "high-tech" AT solution, it's more than likely we know how to assist you.

Communicate AT was launched in June 2011 by Adam Lynn, formerly of Technability at Cerebral Palsy Alliance. The quality of service and product knowledge at Communicate AT is guaranteed through Adam's thirteen plus years of involvement in the Australian assistive technology industry.

Adam's and Communicate AT's forte lies in Augmentative and Alternative Communication, or AAC, in particular desk, floor or wheelchair mounted support system to ensure AAC technologies are accessible and portable.

ommunicate AT is committed to the Australian AT sector and to assisting you through all steps in your technology journey.

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