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Hook+ Switch Interface for iPad

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Quick Overview

** temporarily unavailble **

Hook+ is an Apple MFi approved switch interface that provides a reliable wired connection to the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch via the Lightning connector. Hook+ is compatible with Switch Control found in iOS 7 or later but not with apps that use emulated keystrokes (e.g. Sapce and Enter).

Hook+ iPad switch interface

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  • Hook+ iPad switch interface - in use (switch, mount and iPad not included)


** temporarily unavailble **

Hook+ is an Apple MFi approved switch interface that provides a reliable wired connection to the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch via the Lightning connector. To get started, simply connect one to four switches to Hook+, turn Switch Control on, and connect Hook+ to your iDevice.

Hook+ utilises the Apple auto switch configurator and the first time Hook+ is used with an iDevice it will automatically configure the iDevice to use single switch auto scanning or dual switch step scanning based on how many switches are connected to Hook+. Once initially configured, switches can be manually re-configured to meet the needs of the user. The Apple auto switch configurator is only available on Apple MFi approved switch interfaces.

Once Hook+ is connected and Switch Control is configured, you can do almost anything on an iDevice with a switch. Read an eBook, write an email, browse the internet, play games, control your home, and much more!


Hook+ is not compatible with apps that use keystrokes for switch clicks. Hook+ uses Apple’s proprietary HID Assistive Switch Control protocol for switch clicks and is compatible with Switch Control found in iOS 7 or later.

To access Switch Control, go to the Settings App > General > Accessibility > Switch Control.


  • Lightning connector provides a reliable wired connection 
  • Utilizes Apple auto switch configurator
  • Hook+ does not have an internal battery and can be used as long as the iDevice has a battery charge
  • Connect one to four individual switches via 3.5-mm/1/8-in switch jacks. With iOS 9, you are able to program two unique commands per switch for a total of eight different switch commands.
  • Use the battery pass through on Hook+ to charge your iOS device while using Hook+


Switch Control is an accessibility feature found in iOS 7 or later. Switch Control provides an on-screen interface that enables individuals with physical disabilities the ability to control almost any feature on their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch via one or multiple switches. Without having to physically touch the screen of their iDevice, an individual is able to use almost any feature on the iDevice by activating a switch. In addition, an individual can use a switch to activate Siri and use voice commands to control their iDevice and home.

To access Switch Control, on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch go to Settings App > General > Accessibility > Switch Control.

For more information on Switch Control visit AbleNet's website section on iOS Accessibility,


Compatible with:

  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad (4th generation)
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPad mini
  • iPod touch (5th generation)

iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod touch, and Retina are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPad Air, iPad mini, and Lightning are trademarks of Apple Inc.



Activation Type via external Switch (not included
Activation Surface Size n/a
Activation Force n/a
Travel Before Activation n/a
Key Size n/a
Key Size - Metric n/a
Compatability iOS
Input Connection Type 1/8-in/3.5-mm mono plug
Number of Switch Input(s) 4
Feedback n/a


Hook+ Video by AbleNet

Additional Information

SKU AB-10000018
GST Classification GST Free
Additional Features very useful with iOS Switch Control - but learn all you can about Switch Control before leaping in - hint: exclusively set triple click home button to turn off Switch Control
Included Accessories Instruction Manual
Manual or Instructions (PDF)

Switch Control in iOS - AbleNet Guide to settings and setup

iOS 7.x includes a powerful new accessibility feature, Switch Control. For users with significant physical disabilities, Switch Control is a much needed feature that provides access to almost every feature in iOS 7 through the use of one or multiple switches.

iOS 7, 8 or 9 and Switch Control are currently available on the following Apple devices:

  1. iPad Air and Air 2
  2. iPad 4th Generation
  3. iPad 3rd Generation
  4. iPad 2
  5. iPad mini
  6. iPhone 5S

The AbleNet iOS7 Switch Control User's Guide - The Missing Chapter, will walk you through the wide variety of settings for Switch Control, which will allow you to customize the Switch Control experience for each user.



AbleNet Video - Hook+


Question: How is Hook+ different from the previous Hook?

Answer: The previous Hook was designed specifically for use with music and had integrated switch controls for music player functions on an iOS device. Hook+ is a switch interface that leverages Switch Control to control all features of an iOS device.

Question: Is Hook+ compatible with all switch accessible apps?

Answer: No. Hook+ uses Assistive Switch events instead of keystrokes for switch clicks. Assistive Switch events are only compatible with the Switch Control found on iOS 7 or later..

Question: Why are you using Assistive Switch Events instead of keystrokes for switch clicks?

Answer: Assistive Switch Events are part of Apple’s native accessibility protocol and have several benefits over using keystrokes:

  • Switch Control can be auto configured based on the number of switches attached to the iOS device.
  • An external keyboard can be used in conjunction with Hook+ without having switch clicks misregister when certain keyboard keys are activated.
  • Switch interfaces using Assistive Switch Events are fully compatible with iOS Switch Control and apps that have implemented Apple’s developer UIAccessibility framework.

Question: Why would I want to use Switch Control instead of switch scanning built into an app?

Answer: Switch Control gives the user the ability to control almost every feature on an iOS device, not just the features within a specific app.

Question: Why is Hook+ only compatible with iOS 7 or newer+?

Answer: No. Hook+ uses the newer Lightning connector.

 Question: Why is Hook+ only compatible with iOS 7 or newer?

 Answer: Switch Control was introduced in iOS 7 and is required for Hook+ to function.

 Question:  I want to make my app compatible with Hook+, how do I do that?

 Answer: (App develpers only!) You will need to integrate Apple’s simple UIAccessibiliity framework into your app. This framework will make the elements of your app compatible with Switch Control as well as other iOS accessibility features. The Apple Developer Portal will have technical documentation of the UIAccessiblity framework and the iOS Accessibility videos from WWDC 2014 and 2015 provide a great overview of the framework and accessibility for iOS apps.

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