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iOS 10 Accessibility Switch Control - The Missing User Guide

iOS 10 Accessibility image - click here to download the User GuideiOS 10 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch includes an overwhelming amount of accessibility features integrated into the operating system and is by far the most accessible operating system for individuals with disabilities.

One feature that has been available since iOS 7 is Switch Control.

Switch Control enables an individual to use almost every feature of their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with one or multiple switches.

New Switch Control Features

In iOS iOS 10 has by far the fewest feature enhancements that we’ve seen to date.

In part, the lack of feature enhancements is because Switch Control is already so robust and Apple is only making minor modifications to better the user experience.

Here are three changes that have been included in Switch Control in iOS10.


Additional Recipe Action

Recipes are macro functions that enable the user to repeat a single function over and over by activating one switch; like turning the page of a book. In iOS 10 there is a new recipe action for Hold at Point.


Menu Item Restrictions

In iOS 9 Switch Control gave you the ability to restrict what items displayed in the scanning pop-up menu (e.g. Home, Scroll, Device, Gestures, or Settings). In iOS 10 a few additional changes have been made to this feature. Under Device, the option for Mute is no longer available. However, also under Device options for Speak Screen, Use Other Device, and Diagnostics have been added.

To access Menu Item Restrictions, go to Settings App > General > Accessibility > Switch Control > Menu Items.


Speech Voices

Switch Control has a Speech feature that reads aloud identifiers on objects that the scan is highlighting. In iOS 10, several new voices are available to download.


The Missing Chapter

 Apple include these great Accessibility features in iOS however it is usually up to the end users to figure them out for themselves.  To that end, AbleNet have helped out and done the homework for you yet again with a more comprehensive document (affectionately) called "iOS 10 Accessibility Switch Control - The Missing User Guide".

Save a copy for reference or future reading by downloading the entire document via this link:


Thanks again AbleNet!