Keyguards for iPad Supply Notice

-- 27-10-2016 




We're pleased to advise that supply of keyguards for use with most popular iPad AAC Apps is now re-commencing.  Marblesoft have aquired the LaseredPics company which includes all the tools needed to keep the supply of iPad keyguards going.  The good news for Australian AAC users is that we've spoken with Marblesoft and the arrangement Communicate AT had with LaseredPics continues in this new iteration, we're very pleased and are thankful to Marblesoft for their support.

We'd also like to publicly say thanks to Steve at LaseredPics for all his support of the Australian AAC community, on bahlf of all that have enjoyed and had communication success through your work.


Lastly, all our keyguard products are now active again on our website, ready to be added to your online shopping basket for quotes or orders.  As always, if you have any questions about these offerings, feel free to call Adam on 02 9971 0409.



Image of a PODD15 keyguard-- 12-09-2016

Over the last 5 years, Communicate AT have partnered with LaseredPics in supplying Keyguards for iPad, whether that be for use with iPad AAC Apps or the iPad onscreen keyboard and even other technologies like Chester Creek access technologies.  For us, they’ve been an important aspect of our catalogue and a popular AAC tool for many different Apps in all sort of use.

Recently, we have been informed by LaseredPics that keyguard production and supply of orders has been halted until further notice as the principals of that business deal with other matters outside their control.  Here’s the link to their official notice on their wesbsite

Communicate AT apologise for any inconvenience this may have cause however Communicate AT are firm in our resolve to give LaseredPics all the time required to attend to their current priorities and will commence the keyguard business with them once in a position to do so.

That also means we have taken down the ability to add Keyguards to our website shopping cart technology for quotes or orders until further notice, although we’ll leave the information about the Keyguards on the site for your reference if needed.


In the meantime, we are looking worldwide for an interim alternative supplier and have started a search locally through our AT network or engineers and technicians. We are even considering other options such as 3D printing or producing them ourselves.  At the time of writing, our decision on such matters is unresolved although we will keep this blog post up to date with news as it comes to hand.

This notice particularly effects the Keyguards we would order in as required, for the apps that have multiple setup options (like Proloquo2Go) or infrequently requested (like LAMP Words for Life), although we do have a small stock of more popular guards like PODD15.

In the meantime, we’ll update the website for the small number of guards we currently have in stock and show their inventory.  Any guards showing “backorder” and don’t display the “Add To Cart” button are currently not available for supply.

If you have any questions, as always feel free to contact us on 02 9971 0409 to discuss if needed.

Kind regards,


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Adam Lynn

Manager, Communicate AT.