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Mount'n Mover Tray - Laptop

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Quick Overview

The Mount'n Mover Tray - Laptop, is for attaching all types of laptops and notebooks.

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Mount'n Mover Laptop Tray with the Quick Release Plate atatched (there is an additional cost for the Quick Release Plate)

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  • Insert the Laptop
  • Adjust the Corner Straps
  • Position the Laptop
  • Cinch the corner-straps
  • Cinch the center-strap
  • Optional Adjustment of the Backstops - it'll depend on your laptop model
  • Done!


Mount'n Mover Laptop Tray

  • Tray, holes and straps fit most laptops
  • Secured by 3 straps and 2 backstops
  • 12” deep by 16” wide, with a .5” lip
  • Clear and durable polycarbonate
  • Attaches to Mount'n Mover Quick Release Plates via 4 screws

This tray is supplied without a Quick Release Plate. You can either use the one that comes with your Mount'n Mover arm or purchase an additional Quick Release Plate with the tray if your first Plate is being used for other technology.


Here's How to Attach the laptop tray

Loosen the straps
Laptop tray: Loosen the straps
Loosen the corner straps and unbuckle the long strap to allow the laptop to be slipped in.
Laptop tray: insert the laptop
With the laptop open, slip it over the backstops and under the long strap.
Laptop tray: use corner straps
Make sure to tuck the corners of the laptop under the two straps in the tray corners.
Laptop tray: position the laptop
Position the laptop so that it sits against the laptop tray lip, roughly centered on the tray.
Laptop tray: clinch the corner straps
Flip the laptop and tray over, so you can access the straps. Tighten both corner straps using the barrel-loc fasteners. To use the barrel-loc fasteners, depress the button (by pinching it) and then pull the straps to tighten.
Laptop tray: cinch the center-strap
Clasp the center strap using the buckle, then tighten by pulling the open end against the buckle.
Laptop tray backstops
This may not be applicable to all laptops. Based off hinge configuration. Adjust the back-stops to secure the laptop forward.
Laptop tray
Your laptop is now securely attached to the tray! Remember: The Quick Release Plate (QRP) can be attached at multiple levels to suit your needs.

Additional Information

Included Accessories No
Additional Features No
GST Classification GST Free
Manual or Instructions (PDF)

Laptop Tray (TR-LT)

Video No
Materials Used Polycarbonate
Tube Size Used n/a
Weight Capacity n/a
Vertical Height from Frame Clamp n/a
Horizontal Tube Width n/a

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