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Warranties and Product Compliance

Product Compliance Man with green spanner(Alphabetical by our supplier partners - click on the links below for our statments regarding their NDIS compliances)


  • AbleNet, Inc
    (switches, AAC technologies, ECU etc)


  • Advanced Multimedia Devices, Inc

  • Attainment Company
    (GoNow Case, GoTalk etc)

  • BlueSky Designs
    (Mount'n Mover)

  • Daedalus Technologies
    (DAESSY Mounts)

  • Keyguard Assistive Technology
    (iPad keyguards)


  • Pretorian Technologies
    (switches, AAC technologies, switch interfaces, APPlicator, iSwitch, iClick)

  • Rehadapt Engineering
    (Monty mounts, Floorstands)

  • Mounts And More
    (Mini Floorstands, mounts)

  • Talking Products
    (Talking Photo Albums, Talking Tiles)