We're On A Short Break

We're on a short break and will be totally unavailable from Wednesday 18/11 in thwe afternoon through until Monday 23/11 when we'll be back in the office


-- 18 November, 2020

Howdy Folks,

Apologies in advance, we won't be able available to assist with your technology needs from the afternoon of Wednesday 18/11 through until the morning of Monday 23/11 when we'll be back in the office.  It happens this time of year every year and means that no emails will be read and responded to ( to any of our email addresses) and no phone messages left returned on our phone service returned until the week of the 23/11. We will respond in kind in the order of receipt and it may take all of next week to do so.

We have an order shipping run happening Thursday however as Tara will be attending to making sure what can be shipped this week does. She will send the tracking likns as she always does but can't assist with inquiries.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, we'll be back on deck next week for sure.




Adam Lynn
Communicate AT Manager