Power Control Module 4 - Dual Switch (PCM-4)

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This Power Control Module (PCM) controls two single AMDi Sensor at the same time (sensors not included and are purchased separately or bundled with this controller). It is compatible with the Adjustable Proximity Sensor, the Cylindrical Proximity Sensor, the Flat Mini-Beam Sensor, the Mini-Moon Proximity Sensor, the Non-Adjustable Proximity Sensor, the Reflective Beam Sensor and the Ultra-Thin Proximity Sensor. Any of which can be bundled with this controller.
Power Control Module 4

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  • Power Control Module 4 with the battery charger (included)
  • Power Control Module 4 with the battery charger plugged in and charging the internal battery
  • Power Control Module 4 controls showing the on with tone, on without tone and off modes
  • Power Control Module 4 sensor connection ports
  • Power Control Module 4 dual sensor input ports allow for three outports modes - switch one by itself, switch two by itself and then both switches together. Each one has a single switch output cable.
  • Power Control Module 4 is compatible with these sensors
  • Power Control Module 4 controls these sensors when plugged into either sensor connection port

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The Power Control Module 4 controls two of AMDi sensors simultaneously - creating a two-in-one proximity switch device.

This module does what it's name suggests; controls and powers AMDi's Sensors creating unique proximity switches.  Power comes from an internal rechargeable battery.

There is an option to have an auditory beep tone when each of the sensors are activated.

Each of the two sensor inputs has it's own dedicated switch output jack, a third output jack is activated when both sensor switches are activated at the same time.

A great tool for sitch training or for multiple switch purposes.

This device will control two of the following AMDi Sensors at the same time:

  • Adjustable Proximity Sensor
  • Cylindrical Proximity Sensor
  • Flat Mini-Beam Sensor
  • Mini-Moon Proximity Sensor
  • Non-Adjustable Proximity Sensor
  • Reflective Beam Sensor
  • Ultra-Thin Proximity Sensor

Additional Information

Included Accessories Australian mains cable, AC Adapter, 3x standard 3.5mm mono plug male-male switch lead, Instructions
GST Classification GST Free
Manual or Instructions (PDF) See Video below
Sensing Range n/a
Size 178 (W) x 152 (L) x 38 (H) mm
Connection Type No
Power Control Module Required n/a
Additional Features Weight: 680 g

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