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Talking Tiles

Talking Tiles from Talking Products

Talking Tiles are simple, 80 second Voice Recorders Records which record and playback 80 seconds of speech, music or sound effects. Simple!

they includes a removable clear cover that allows you display an overlay of your own creation or symbols, numbers, words or letters to match your recordings. Includes a unique AUDIO-IN socket for recording directly from an audio source like an iPad or phone.

Ideal for:

  • Use as an audible reminder
  • Fix near the front door to remind you to lock up and take the keys with you!
  • Fix near domestic appliances to remind you how to set dials and buttons.
  • Perfect for Medication Management - When and how to take your pills.
  • Store emergency phone numbers.
  • Record a message for a carer or visitor.
  • Record place names and directions.
  • Remember alarm settings and procedures

Here's a video showing the multi-purpose aspect of Talking Tiles:



Talking Tiles can be an integral part of any AAC strategy, follow this link to our catalogue for more information about Talking Tiles and the options available to purchase.