n-ABLER Pro Trackball

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The n-ABLER Pro Trackball is specifically designed for computer users with limited hand control, motor skill difficulties, poor hand-eye-coordination, limited manual dexterity, involuntary muscle spasms and hand or wrist tremors.
n-ABLER Pro Trackball

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The n-ABLER Pro Trackball is a computer mouse emulator but, with fingertip control requiring only minimal hand movement, reduces wrist and elbow fatigue.

The symmetrical design allows users to work with either hand without angling the wrist, and the unit can also be configured for 'left-handed' operation. A large, integrated hand/palm rest makes work posture more relaxed, reducing strain and tension.

The n-ABLER Pro Trackball is particularly suitable for all age groups with motor skill difficulties and for those whose work requires long periods at the computer. The 'Anti-Tremor' facility is invaluable for anyone suffering with tremors or involuntary muscle spasms and for older people with movement impairment

It has specifically been designed to address the needs of people with limited hand control, motor skill difficulties, hand-eye co-ordination or manual dexterity challenges and involuntary muscle spasms. 

The large, high mass, free running ball requires only a light touch which, together with the function buttons, makes for easy navigation, selection and manipulation of objects on the computer screen.

The n-ABLER Pro Trackball emulates a computer mouse but, with fingertip control and the need for only minimal hand movement, reduces wrist and elbow fatigue, requires far less effort and is less tiring. The symmetrical design enables users to work with either hand without having to angle the wrist, and the unit can also be configured for 'left-handed' operation. Its large, integrated hand support/palm rest makes work posture more relaxed and less strained.


  • Rugged construction and ergonomic design with a large footprint for maximum stability.
  • Pan Button to allow easy navigation of documents
  • Symmetrical design for use with either hand, with Integral wrist support to minimise fatigue.
  • High mass, 63mm, free-running ball for easy cursor control
  • All buttons have white legends on black backgrounds for easy identification of button functions.
  • Switchable left and right click buttons. Plus Double click and latching drag lock buttons.
  • Audible (switchable to mute) and visual warnings indicating selection or change of function.
  • Anti-tremor button (with three settings to compensate for the degree of tremor) to improve cursor control. Cursor Speed can also be controlled.
  • Easy 'plug and play' installation
  • Does not require driver software - ideal for contract managed computer systems
  • Auto detecting PS2 and USB protocols


There are three levels of Anti-Tremor settings to improve cursor control and accuracy, easily accessed and operated through the double-click button. The anti-tremor setting is also automatically retained in the memory and recalled after loss of power (e.g. if the computer is turned off)

Programmable Switch Jacks

By default, n-ABLERis shipped with the left and right switch jacks pre-programmed as Left Click and Right Click. The sockets can be re-programmed at any time to access any of the buttons including the speed control button.

Additonal Features

  1. Orientation Facility - n-Abler can be setup so that in can be used in any orientation
  2. Buzzer - an auditory indicator when settings are turned on or off
  3. Left and right button swap
  4. Two external switch jacks

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Additional Information

Additional Features 24 month warranty
Compatibility PC, MAC, Chromebook
Size No
Connection USB
Battery Type No
Included Accessories instructions, PS2 to USB adapter
Manual or Instructions (PDF)

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Video No
GST Classification GST Free

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