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DAESSY Inner Piece Adapter

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Quick Overview

The DAESSY Inner Piece Adapter is used to bolt onto various other clamps to provide the interface for connecting other mount components or as a frame clamp on its own when bolted directly onto a suitable frame.

DAESSY Inner Piece Adapter


The DAESSY Inner Piece Adapter is often attached to another part of a wheelchair to provide the inner grooves for attachment of a DAESSY outer piece. DAESSY Outer Pieces have paired groooves which bind the inner and outer parts together and include DAESSY Offset Links or DAESSY Frame Clamp Spacers.

It may be used independently for bolting onto a location with two bolt holes. It is also used as a part of the Multi-hole Inner Piece Adapter, Multi-hole Round Tube Adapter, Permobil Inner Piece Adapter, the Side Mount Inner Pieces, custom inner pieces and comes installed on those parts.

It comes with two 25mm M6 bolts but no Swivel Clamp. The Swivel Clamp, which binds inner and outer DAESSY parts together is usually supplied with the outer part.

Additional Information

GST Classification GST Free
Video No
Materials Used Aluminium
Tube Size Used n/a

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