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BIG Candy Corn™ Proximity Sensor Switch

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Quick Overview

The BIG Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch is a highly sensitive, large target switch which does not require a physical touch to activate. An all-in-one switch, visual and auditory cues can be used (or not) when the switch is activated. A mono-plug cable allows for use with any switch-adapted or switch-ready technology.
BIG Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch

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  • BIG Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch - top
  • BIG Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch - underside
  • BIG Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch - profile showing the "feedback" toggles
  • BIG Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch - mono plug
  • BIG Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch - mounting


The BIG candy Corn Proximioty Sensor Switch is a large, wired proximity sensor switch that activates when a person coems within 2.5 cm of the switch top.

Features visual and auditory feedback, which can be turned on or off and a 3.5-mm mono switch plug for connecting to any switch-adapted equipment.

It is twice the size of the Little Candy Corn Switch but just like it's smaller version is highly sensitive and does not require a physical touch to activate. Just wave your hand or other portion of your body within 25 millimeters of the switch to activate.


  • Larger activation area that is approximately 9-cm wide (80% wider than the LITTLE Candy Corn!)
  • Easier to activate – activates when the user is within 2.5-cm of the switch top or with a light touch
  • Auditory beep and visual feedback can be turned on and off independent of each other - have both on, one feedback option on, or both off.
  • Includes replaceable CR2430 battery (one is included)
  • Internal magnet for mounting, or use the two threaded inserts to mount with the AbleNet Universal Mounting Plate

Note: Candy Corn cannot perform "Momentary closure" simulation - i.e. it can't hold the switch "Open" or activated by keeping a finger or other body part over Candy Corn. Therfore Candy Corn is not suitable for use with Tracker Pro, simple "on/off" Switch Adapted Toys or with Battery Device Adapters. A Switch Latch and Timer is required for use with Battery Device Adapters.



Activation Type Proximity Sensor
Activation Surface Size Medium (2.5-in to 3.5-in or 6.35-cm to 8.89-cm)
Activation Force N/A
Travel Before Activation N/A
Feedback Auditory, Visual
Compatability No
Connection Type 1/8-in/3.5-mm mono plug
Number of Switch Input(s) 0
Battery Type CR2430
Mounting Plate Internal Magnet, AbleNet Universal Mounting Plate
HCPCS Code E2599
Product Waranty 2-Year Limited Warranty


Candy Corn Switch Video by AbleNet


Additional Information

SKU AB-10000025
Included Accessories Instructions, three very small mounting screws
GST Classification GST Free
Manual or Instructions (PDF)



Sensing Range Touch to 25 mm
Size 6.4 - 8.9 cm activation surface size
Connection Type No
Power Control Module Required n/a - runs off it's own battery (watch-type, included) - 3.5 mm straight mono plug type male jack
Additional Features NOTE: Candy Corn is not compatible with TrackerPro, battery adapted toys, battery operated scissors, et al

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