Wireless Switch Converter Transmitter

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Create a Wireless Switch environment with this Converter. This Transmitter part comes with three modes of operation for a single standard size mono-plug switch input - Direct Mode, Momentary Mode and Latched Mode. Pair it with a Receiver to create a wireless switch environment. Switches and Receivers sold separately.

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AMDi's Wireless Switch Converter (transmitter only, receivers and switches purchased separately)

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  • AMDi's Wireless Switch Converter Transmitter only, showing the three switch jacks to control the modes of operation


The Wireless Switch Converter Transmitter creates wireless switch environments.

It is a Radio Frequency transmitter that is paired to a receiver (sold separately). This enables a switch-user to operate devices wirelessly and from up to 8 metres away, with no "line-of-sight" requirements.  This transmitter relays your switch press to it's paired receiver and creates a cordless connection to your technology, emulating the original switch press in Direct Mode or providing further control in Latched or Momentary modes.

This is especially suited for people who have unique positioning needs of switch-accessed devices and their switch postion where cable extensions aren't practical or for wheelchair users who find that switch cables are constantly breaking or are cumbersome. The compact design of this Wireless Switch Converter resolves that concern.

Furthermore, there is no worry about being bound to a specific switch for wireless use. This Transmitter is compatible with switch that has a 3.5 mm male plug end. Multiple Transmitters with the same colour can connect with a single Receiver if required.

In addition, transmitters and receivers are colour coded to represent different frequencies (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Purple). 

**Each transmitter and receiver only works with the matching colour. Different colour transmitters and receivers in the same location will not interfere with each other.**


  • Wireless operation from up to 8 metres away
  • Suited for use with all communicators that accept a 3.5 mm plug
  • Shatterproof high impact plastic case
  • Compact design to minimize storage space
  • Light-weight and very portable
  • Powered by 2x AAA batteries (included)

Three Modes of Control

Mode 1: Direct.
Direct Mode emulates exactly what the switch experiences. If the switch is pressed for a long time, then the transmitter send it's signal for that duration and the paired receiver reacts accordingly.

Mode 2: Momentary.
Momentary Mode send a "closed" signal to the paired receiver for exactly ONE second, no matter how long the switch is pressed.

Mode 3: Latched.
Latched Mode is a two-step switch action. The first press starts the action and send a signal to the receiver that holds it "closed" and starts the switch-operated action. The next switch press then sends a signal to the receiver which "opens" the circuit and stops the switch-operated action. This modes is great for cause/effect switch training with battery operated switch adapted toys.


Usage: Note – Maximum load to the receiver jack is 12VDC, 500mA. Exceeding this limit will damage the device.

How it Works:  

  1. Plug the switch into one of the 3.5mm jacks (J1,J2,J3) marked as Direct, Latch or Momentary on the transmitter. Direct meaning that the unit will continue to transmit as long as the switch is held on. Latch meaning that the unit will latch on once you press the switch and continue to transmit until the switch is pressed again to turn the latch Off. Momentary meaning that the unit will transmit for 1 second no matter how long you hold the switch On.
  2. When the Transmitter is active, the LED on the transmitter will light.
  3. When the Receiver is receiving the signal from the Transmitter, the LED on the receiver will light and the relay inside the receiver will Close, shorting the contacts of the Output jack. The relay will continue to stay closed for as long as the LED stays On and is receiving the signal from the transmitter.


Additional Information

Included Accessories 2x AAA batteries included
GST Classification None
Video No
Manual or Instructions (PDF)

Wireless Switch Converter Receiver Manual Download Link

Activation Pressure It's dependent upon your switch specififcations
Activation Travel It's dependent upon your switch specififcations
Connection Type Radio Frequency to a pair Receiver
Plug Type 3.5 mm mono-plug INPUT jack
Additional Features 2x AAA batteries included

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