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Mini Floorstand for Eye-gaze (with Articulating Quick Release Base)

-- 14/05/2020 --

an image of the Mini Floorstandan image of the Mini Floorstand


The Mini Floorstand is a new, small footprint floor stand intended for people using Eye-gaze devices (up to 4kg) top assist with positioning their technology where it's needed. The base, designed and manufactured by Mounts and More in the UK and distributed by Communicate AT, is low enough and narrow enough to enable it to go under most footrests and between most wheelchair front wheels. This allows an eye-gaze device to be positioned close enough for use by most people with ease, stability and accuracy.

Here's a quick video of Communicate AT's demo model in our clinic room ...



The Mini Floorstand has many benefits from easy Device Attachment, a Small Footprint Base, an Easy-Use Height-Adjustable Post and reach from it's low point of 87.5 cm to 138 cm (from the floor).

The clever, no-tools-required installation of the Post makes it a snap to install or move around, you can obtain a Carry Bag for that if needed as well.


CLICK HERE to read more about the new Mini Floorstand