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Switch Control in iOS - AbleNet Guide to settings and setup

Switch Control User Guide - click to downloadiOS includes some great accessibility features, one being Switch Control. For users with significant physical disabilities, Switch Control is a much needed feature that provides access to almost every feature in iOS through the use of one or multiple switches.

iOS and Switch Control is currently available Apple devices with iOS greater than iOS7, which may include:

  1. iPad Air
  2. iPad 4th Generation
  3. iPad 3rd Generation
  4. iPad 2
  5. iPad mini
  6. iPhone 5S

The AbleNet iOS7 Switch Control User's Guide - The Missing Chapter, will walk you through the wide variety of settings for Switch Control, which will allow you to customize the Switch Control experience for each user.

Download the Guide via this link ...


AbleNet Video - Single Switch setup 


AbleNet Video - Dual Switch setup