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Mount'n Mover Overview

Mount'n Mover Dual Arm


Move It!

The Mount’n Mover can be customized to lock in specific, repeatable positions, but it is easily unlocked and moved. The mount and device remain in their locked positions until you use the hoop and paddle.

Move the arm by using the Hoop:

  • The hoop releases the shoulder and elbow joints, allowing simultaneous movement of the two arm segments.
  • As long as the hoop is depressed, the arm will bypass locked positions.
  • When downward pressure is released, it seeks a new lock position.

 Mount'n Mover Dual Arm hoop


Rotate It!

The Paddle unlocks the wrist joint, allowing rotation of the device.

  • Depress, then release the Paddle.
  • The wrist remains unlocked until you rotate it.
  • Rotate the device directly.
  • As you move the device, it will begin to seek another lock position.
  • The temporary unlock feature allows one-handed repositioning of the device.


Mount'n Mover Dual Arm angle adjustment


Adjust It!

Change the device tilt angle for different situations—reduce glare, watch TV, see where you’re driving.

  • Move the tilt lever to the unlocked position
  • Push down or pull up on the device
  • Move the lever to the locked position


  • The tilt hinge is a “torque hinge”. This means that it holds its position until a certain force is applied.
  • This prevents the device from slamming down when you unlock the Tilt lever
  • The hinge comes in two different torque settings — High and Low.
  • For larger devices, the High torque hinge is preferred

 Mount'n Mover lock settings

Set Lock Positions

Lock setters provide repeatable, user-specific positions.

  • Lock position: When the friction adjustment screw is above a lock setter that is down, it will lock.

  • Bypass position: Lock setter is up.

  • To set a lock position, slide a lock setter down

  • To create a bypass location, flip a lock setter up.

    • NOTE: You cannot unset a position when the friction adjustment screw is above it!

    Tool required: Use a coin or small flathead screwdriver.





Overview Videos


  1. Overview Video (3 mins)

  2. Mount'n Mover Basics Video (6 mins)

  3. Setting Up Positions Video (6 mins)

  4. Quickly switch devices and activities (12 secs)

  5. Relocating your mount between wheelchair,floorstand and table (45 secs)