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Quick Overview

APPlicator connects to your iPad via Bluetooth and allows switch access to switch accessible apps, your iPad music or the entire iPad via Switch Control in iOS7. Fully programmable, use up to 4 switches at once or use just one.
APPlicator - new and improved!

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  • APPlicator with the included Mini USB charging cable
  • APPlicator
  • APPlicator (older version) with two switches plugged in (switches not included)


APPlicator is an efficient way to enable switch access to your iPad, whether for switch accessible apps or using the new features of Switch Control in iOS 7.

Features of APPlicator

  • Scanning Switch Access
  • New Home Function
  • Four 3.5mm sockets for wired switches.
  • Quick Media selection mode.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery via supplied USB lead.
  • Small footprint (90mm x 64mm x 18mm).
  • Pairs directly with iPad® through Bluetooth 2.1 without PIN number entry.
  • Works with iPad®, iPad® mini, iPod® (3rd and 4th generations), iPhone® (iOS 5.0 onwards).
  • 20 metres (64 feet) operating range.
  • Integral button allows on-screen keyboard to be deployed or hidden at any time.
  • Switch Scanning Access to iPad Using The New Switch Control Feature in iOS7
  • Added Switch Function - 'Home' Giving comprehensive scanning switch access to Apps, Music, iBooks, internet, and photography, using the iPad, iPad mini, iPod, and iPhone devices.


Improved Features in Version 2

  • Keypad Lock

    To prevent unintentional/ unauthorised changes to APPlicator’s settings, the unit may be locked so that button presses have no effect. To Lock the unit, press and hold MODE (G) and CHAN (F) together. The display will show ‘L’. To Unlock, press and hold MODE and CHAN again until the display shows ‘U’. When locked, you can still view the channel settings but any attempt to change them will bring up the ‘L’ symbol
  • Manual Power Off

    You can now manually power the APPlicator down to prevent switch presses during transit from repeatedly waking up the unit and using up battery charge.
    To power the unit down, press and hold MODE (G) until all four channel LEDs (B) light and then release. Pressing switches will no longer wake the unit. To wake it up and automatically reconnect over Bluetooth, press any button on APPlicator.

  • Single-Shot Mode

    Single-shot mode allows each switch to output a single keystroke no matter how long it remains pressed. This is useful for users who find it difficult to remove their hands from the switch quickly enough to prevent multiple keystrokes being sent to the device. It can prevent multiple instances of functions and is particularly useful with media functions such as Skip Forward and Skip Back.

Accessing your Apps could not be easier

  • Pair APPlicator with your iPad® by selecting it in the Bluetooth menu (no PIN entry required)
  • Connect any wired switches to one or more of the four, programmable, switch inputs.
  • Using the built-in display, select the function of each switch from the choice of 24 mouse/keyboard commands.
  • For data entry press the virtual keyboard button to deploy the on-screen keyboard Accessing your Music Playlist is even simpler
  • Press the Quick Media button for preconfigured access to play/pause, skip forward and back and Timed Play (10 seconds)
  • For more auditory functions use the built-in display to select from play/pause, skip forward, skip back, volume adjustment, timed play and mute.
  • Use up to four switches for faster access.
  • Play music in timed-duration mode to add interest and inspiration




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Additional Information

GST Classification GST Free
Additional Features very useful with iOS Switch Control - but learn all you can about Switch Control before leaping in - hint: exclusively set triple click home button to turn off Switch Control
Included Accessories USB to USB-Mini charging cable (charge through PC), Instruction Manual
Manual or Instructions (PDF)

APPlicator Version 2 (black) Manual - Download

APPlicator Version 1 (original) Manual - Download



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