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All About Mounting

All About Mounting

Mounting and positioning of AT is an important aspect of technology success. Accessibility is the cornerstone that ensures technology is at its most effective and promoting the greatest opportunity for independence. 

Assistance with mounting

To that end, we have developed and continue to populate our dedciated mounting website, here's the link ...


The site has articles with tips and ideas from clinical reasoning assistance to technical tips. We continue to expand it's scope with and installation help and relevent videos. It doesn't have any pricing or product information, it's purely to assistive with developing knowledge and skills.

Most of these articles are written by Kerrie Potgieter and Adam Lynn of Communicate AT, based our combined knowledge pool from over 30 years involvement in assistive technology mounting.

Others are written by health care and assistive technology professionals with proven expertise in this field.

We hope it helps with your own mounting and positioning needs and knowledge.