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How To Check Which iPad Model You Have

We are very often asked about our technology products that can assist people in  accessing, mounting or "AAC-ifying"  their iPads.  We are asked about these A LOT. 

During these conversations, it's important for us to know which model iPad is being discussed and sometimes, particularly now that Apple have iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 in the market, that information is hard to know.  So here's some links to help with the question "Which iPad do you have?"

An image from Apple's website showing the model and serial numbers on the back of the iPad caseIdentifying by Serial Number

You'll need to know your iPad serial number.

This method is handy to know if your iPad is in a case like a Griffin Survivor or LifeProof or the Model or Serial number has been rubbed off  the back of your iPad or is hard to see (as shown in the picture to the right)

The serial number of your iPad can be found through your Settings App - Settings > General > About

Here's Apple's serial number step-by-step guide if needed

Once the serial number is known, it's simply a matter of entering that number into a search which results in showing the status of your iPad's service coverage, and a by-product is that the information also tells you your model automatically.

This is accomplished through Apple's Support and Service coverage status page and it can be found through the link below:

Indentifying by Model Number

You'll need to know your iPad Model number, which can be found on the back of your iPad case (see the image above)

This is a simpler approach and if you can't read your model number on the back of your iPad, then use the Serial Number method above.

Once the Model number is know, check it against the list of current and legacy iPad's on Apple's website.



We hope that helps, it'll certainly help us and I'm sure we'll be using this webpage as a reference tool in the fututre. No doubts about that at all.