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Blue2 Switch - Bluetooth switch access to iOS, PC and MacOS

Availability: DISCONTINUED - No longer available - historical information only

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Quick Overview


Blue2 switch provides a sleek, modern design with new features that make it compatible with all switch accessible apps and Switch Control in iOS7 or greater. Also new to Blue2 is the ability to toggle the on-screen keyboard on and off for iOS devices and a built-in rechargeable battery.

See Blue2 FT for the new version


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Discontinued - replaced with Blue2 FT

A total wireless switch solution for computer and tablet alternative access.

The Blue2 Bluetooth switch provides single or dual switch access to iDevices running iOS 7 or greater, Apple desktop or laptop computers running OS X Mavericks, and all switch accessible apps or software on iOS, OS X, Windows, and Android!

Blue2 connects to your favorite device via a Bluetooth connection that is easy and quick to set up. New features include an improved switch activation surface that takes 40-percent less pressure to activate, multiple modes of operation for compatibility to all apps, a long-lasting rechargeable battery, and a sleek, modern design.

Note: The NEW Blue2 switch is compatible with most tablet, desktop, and laptop computers that have a Bluetooth connection. iOS 7 or greater, OS X Mavericks, or switch accessible software or apps are required.


AbleNet Video - Single Switch setup 


AbleNet Video - Blue2


Product Details

  • Includes rechargeable battery
  • Requires 40% less pressure to activate than the original Blue2
  • Two external switch jacks for alternative switches
  • The ability to program one to four custom keystrokes for use with any app or software



  • Switch Type: Mechanical
  • Connection Type: Bluetooth Wireless
  • Activation Type: Pressure
  • Activation Surface: 7 x 7-cm
  • Activating Force: 198g
  • Travel Before Activation: 0.127cm
  • Feedback: Tactile
  • Inputs: 2x alternative switch, 1x Micro USB (charging), 1x USB (keyboard keystroke recording)
  • Mounting Plate: AbleNet Universal Mounting Plate


Another Blue2 Video by AbleNet

Additional Information

SKU AB-10000017
GST Classification GST Free
Additional Features very useful with iOS Switch Control - but learn all you can about Switch Control before leaping in - hint: exclusively set triple click home button to turn off Switch Control
Included Accessories USB to USB-micro charging cable (e.g. charge through PC), Instruction Manual
Manual or Instructions (PDF)

Switch Control in iOS - AbleNet Guide to settings and setup

iOS 7.x includes a powerful new accessibility feature, Switch Control. For users with significant physical disabilities, Switch Control is a much needed feature that provides access to almost every feature in iOS 7 through the use of one or multiple switches.

iOS 7 and Switch Control are currently available on the following Apple devices:

  1. iPad Air
  2. iPad 4th Generation
  3. iPad 3rd Generation
  4. iPad 2
  5. iPad mini
  6. iPhone 5S

The AbleNet iOS7 Switch Control User's Guide - The Missing Chapter, will walk you through the wide variety of settings for Switch Control, which will allow you to customize the Switch Control experience for each user.


Video ;">Blue2 Video by AbleNet



Battery Life

The average battery life of the Blue2 is about 13 hours with general use. Proper management is required to ensure the health of the Lithium-Ion battery used within this product. Here are suggestions to prolonging the life of your product’s internal battery;

  1. Keep your device and its battery at room temperature
  2. Avoid completely discharging the device’s battery
  3. When storing the device for extended periods, charge the battery to about 60% and then put it in a cool, dry place

Switch Options (Internal and External)
The Blue2 has two built-in switches, one white and one orange. These switches can be used to active two independent functions in any of the six available modes. You may also opt to connect an alternative switch to the Blue2. This can be done by using either (or both) of the 3.5mm connections on the back. Please note that any switch connected to the Blue2 will emulate the same function as the built-in switches. They cannot be assigned independent functions.


Pairing Details

The Blue2 can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or Chrome device. Functionality may be limited depending on the device you are pairing with the Blue2. The Blue2 is designed to be seen by other devices like a Bluetooth keyboard, therefore the information that is transmitted from the Blue2 to a device is a keyboard keystroke. For example, Mode 1 of the Blue2 sends a "space bar" when pressing the white switch (labeled S1) and "enter key" for the orange switch (labeled S2).

Pairing to a device

  1. Turn Blue2 on using the on/off switch. 
  2. Press the pairing button on Blue2 one time. 
  3. In your devices Bluetooth settings find and select BLUE2. 
  4. Repeatedly tap the mode button on Blue2 to select a mode.
  5. Set up any settings for your choosen method of switch access within the app or through accessibility options for the device you paired with Blue2.
  6. Blue2 is now ready for use with your device and/ or app.


Configuring Blue2 with iOS & MacOS Switch Control

Blue2 can be paired to any iOS or MacOS device to be used for the accessibility option called Switch Control. Switch Control is a powerful accessibility option that allows users to quickly and effectively navigate their iOS or MacOS device by use of our Blue2. For further information please review AbleNet's iOS 11 User Guide.


Configuring Blue2 with Android Accessibility

Blue2 can be paired to many Android devices to be used for Android Accessibility options. To fully utilize these features you must use a device that has Adroid operating system 5.0 or higher. Here are three links for more details on Android Accessibility. 

Android Accessibility Overview

Check Device Compatibility

Configure Android Switch Access


Configure Blue2 with an App

There are many applications in the marketplace for Blue2 supported hardware. We recommend finding an application that works with keyboard keystrokes (see "Pairing Details"). Most apps that are built with accessibility in mind are intuitive in terms of setup, but if you find an app you like, we recommend accessing the user's manual for accessibility features and options.


Customizing Blue2

Customizing your Blue2 for alternative keyboard keystrokes is easy. By following this process you can record custom key sequences to use with many switch accessible apps or simply for shortcuts to your favorite keyboard functions.

  1. Turn Blue2 on using the on/off switch.
  2. Plug a USB keyboard into the USB programming jack. 
  3. Turn the learn switch to on by moving it to the left.
  4. Select Mode 4, 5, or 6. 
  5. Activate Switch 1 to start recording mode. The S1 light will blink while in recording mode. 
  6. Activate up to four keystrokes that you would like recorded to Switch 1 on the USB keyboard. 
  7. Activate Switch 1 to stop recording mode. 
  8. Activate Switch 2 to start recording mode. The S2 light will blink while in recording mode. 
  9. Activate up to four keystrokes that you would like recorded to Switch 2 on the USB keyboard. 
  10. Activate Switch 2 to stop recording mode. 
  11. Turn the learn switch to off by moving it to the right. 
  12. Remove USB keyboard. 
  13. Select your new mode to use.

For more information on the Blue2 and all of its functionality, please review the Quick Start Guide.


ComTroubleshooting Blue2

Issue 1: Blue2 states "Connection Unsuccessful - Make sure "Blue2" is turned on and in range." (iOS device-specific error message).
Common reasons this may occur:

  • Blue2 is not turned on.
  • Blue2 is not close enough to the paired device.
  • Blue2 is already paired to a device but you are trying to pair it to an alternative device. The Blue2 can only be paired to one device at any time.
  • Blue2 was paired correctly with a device and functional but is now not working and shows as "Not Connected". This most likely is an issue with the amount of power the Blue2 currently has available.

Possible Resolution:

  • Check that the Blue2 power switch is in the "on" position.
  • Make sure the Blue2 is within 30 feet of the iPad.
  • Un-pair the Blue2 from the first device. Press and hold the "Pair" button on the side of the Blue2 until the "S2" lights up near the center. Release the button and the Blue2 should be in the list as a pair-able device.
  • Charge the Blue2 for at least 1 hour, then attempt to reconnect your device. To charge, plug the device into the charger. You will see lights near the center of the device flashing, indicating the device is charging. When fully charged the lights stop flashing.

Issue 2: Blue2 shows as "Connected" in my devices settings, but it is not functional.
Common reasons this may occur:

  • When power of the Blue2 is low it is possible to experience intermittent connectivity. You may see the device as being paired but not receive any output when pressing switches.
  • Check that the “Learn” switch is not active, as this causes all communication to pause. If you press “Mode Selection” multiple times, found on the right side of the Blue2, and only Modes 4-6 are available for selection the switch is active.

Possible Resolutions:

  • Charge the Blue2 for at least 1 hour, then attempt to reconnect your device. To charge, plug the device into the charger. You will see lights near the center of the device flashing, indicating the device is charging. When fully charged the lights stop flashing.
  • Turn the "Learn" Switch off, then attempt to use the Blue2 with your device.

Issue 3: S1 and S2 light are constantly lit solid yellow and red.
Common reasons this may occur:
When turning on Blue2 you may have held down the pairing button. This activates “Engineering” mode and locks the Blue2’s Bluetooth signals needed for communication to a device.

Possible Resolution:
Turn off the Blue2, wait 5 seconds, then turn it back on without pressing and holding the Pairing button. This should restore all primary functions of the Blue2.

Issue 4: Unable to select Mode 1, 2 or 3.
Common reasons this may occur:
Check that the “Learn” switch, located ont he right side, is not active. It is only necessary to activate when programming custom keyboard keystrokes into Blue2. When the switch is activated the Bluetooth communication is locked out. If you press “Mode Selection” (found on the right side of the Blue2) multiple times and only Modes 4-6 are available for selection the switch is active.

Solution: Turn the "Learn" Switch off, then cycle between all of the modes normally

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