DAESSY Swing Aside Mount

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The Swing Aside Mount can be swung away by pulling a cable underneath the horizontal tube. It has three stop positions and is secure on tilting seat wheelchairs.

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DAESSY Swing Aside Mount on powered mobility

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  • DAESSY Swing Aside Mount on powered mobility
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  • DAESSY Swing Aside Mount


The DAESSY Swing Aside Mount consists of two lengths of stainless steel tube joined to form a right angle structure that is supported on the wheelchair by a Frame Clamp Assembly permanently attached to either the left or right side of the wheelchair.

The horizontal tube of the Swing Aside Mount can be swung away independently and is well suited to people with the dexterity to reach the Release Cable that runs under the length of the horizontal tube. A pull down on this cable unlocks the mount and allows it to swing away or swing back in place. The Release Cable retracts a spring-loaded lock pin in the rotating joint. The design of this mount allows for use on a tilt seat system with the rotating joint engineered to only swing away from the person in the wheelchair.

The Frame Clamp Assembly is composed of a Frame Clamp Inner Piece and a Removable Frame Clamp Receiver. The Inner Piece is attached to the wheelchair frame while the Receiver holds the Vertical Tube. A Removable Outer Piece secured around the lower end of the Vertical Tube fits into the Receiver to position the tube and prevent rotation.

The lock pin holes allow the mount to be swung away and relocked at 90º or 270º away from the user.

The mounted device is attached to a quick release plate or a specific adapter (purchased separately),  It is attached to the Horizontal Tube of the mount assembly by means of the DAESSY Quick Release Base system which provides security whilst mounted and for quick detachment via the locking pull-pin.


The DAESSY Swing Aside Mount can support equipment that is heavy enough to unbalance an unoccupied wheelchair, particularly when the mount is swung aside. It should be completely removed or the mounted device detached before the wheelchair is vacated.

When used on a manual wheelchair it is advisable to remove the device and mount when the wheelchair occupament is transferred to and from the wheelchair.


Option - Quick Release Base Upgrade

  • Upgrade the included standard Quick Release Base to an Articulating Quick Release Base - highly recommended for Eye-Gaze systems
  • Articulating Quick Release Bases allow device positioning independently of the mount kit's poles, fine tuning at the attachment point.
  • Choose from Large or Small face
  • Choose from no handles (allen key adjustemnt only), one quick handle or two quick handles


See For Yourself 

Here's a video taken by Indata at ATIA Chicago in 2010. Adam from Daedalus Technologies gives us a short run through some of the mount kits available.


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Additional Information

Included Accessories Allen Key, Instructions
Additional Features Can be used on the left or right side. Titling Seat Systems required the Removable Outer Piece (ROP) variant
GST Classification GST Free
Manual or Instructions (PDF) No

See For Yourself 

Here's a video taken by Indata at ATIA Chicago in 2010. Adam from Daedalus Technologies gives us a short run through some of the mount kits available.


Materials Used Aluminium components, Stainless Steel tubing
Tube Size Used 7/8" or 22mm
Weight Capacity max 6.2 kg
Vertical Height from Frame Clamp 55 cm (22") - std
Horizontal Tube Width 40 cm (16") - std

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