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SimplyWorks Smooth Talker

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SimplyWorks Smooth Talker - Blue cap * On Backorder
SimplyWorks Smooth Talker - Red cap * On Backorder
SimplyWorks Smooth Talker - Yellow cap * On Backorder
SimplyWorks Smooth Talker - Green cap * On Backorder

Quick Overview

The SimplyWorks Smooth Talker with a modern and stylish design, is the most versatile single and sequential message communicator you can buy. Four cap colours are available - red, blue, green and yellow

Smooth Talker with the red cap

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  • Smooth Talker with the red cap, feature controls
  • Smooth Talker with the red cap, volume and recording controls


The SimplyWorks® Smooth Talker is a fully featured recorded speech communication tool. SimplyWorks® Smooth Talker is unique in providing Random, Choice, Auditory Prompt, and Converse messaging modes; and is the only Communicator with both wired and completely wireless connectivity.

For positive reinforcement and additional motivation, toys or appliances can be attached and a message assigned to activate the toy/appliance.

The SimplyWorks® Smooth Talker is the only communicator with both wired and wireless connectivity options for toys and appliances and, uniquely, can activate two toys/appliances simultaneously.

Smooth Talker has also been designed with a choice of four colour options.

It has 2 minutes of recording time, superior digital sound quality from twin speakers and a low switch profile angled towards the user for easy activation.

This unit has a large, 12.5 cm diameter cap and comes in four colours choices - Blue, Red, Yellow and Green.



  • Records single and sequential messages.
  • Two minutes of recording and playback time.
  • Digital amplifier with twin speakers for superior sound quality.
  • Random, Choice, Auditory Prompt and Co-operative modes.
  • Wireless toy activation using SimplyWorks® toy controllers.
  • Activates a mains-powered appliance in conjunction with SimplyWorks® Energise mains controller.
  • Built-in symbol holder.
  • Large (125mm), low profile, switch activation area.
  • Switch top cannot be removed by user - prevents distraction (coloured tops can be changed only with tools).
  • Input socket for attaching a wired, external switch.
  • Input socket for attaching a toy/appliance


  • Communication
  • Toy and Appliance Control either directly or with other technologies (Mains powered devices will require additional hardware, battery powered devices may required additional components like Battery Device Adapters or should be purposely switch adapted)
  • Switch Activities
  • Environmental Control
  • Wireless Connectivity

Additional Information

Manual or Instructions (PDF)

Smooth Talker Manual

Inputs/Outputs 1x Switch Input, 1x toy/appliance output, SimplyWorks Receiver AND Transmitter
Size 12.5 cm switch cap

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