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Mini FloorStand - click here for more information
iAdapter 10 - click here for more inforrmation on the latest iAdapter for iPad 7 and iPad 8 10.2 and iPad Air 3
Mounting solutions, wheelchair mount kits, table stands and desk mounts, switch mounts



Daedalus Technologies, click this link to watch the video

 See what it's all about

Here's a video taken by Indata at ATIA Chicago in 2010 


Adam from Daedalus Technologies gives us a short run through of some of the DAESSY mount kits available. Click on the above link or the DAESSY logo to see what Adam has to say.


iClick now in stock 

iClick Australian release - click here for more ... iClick controls electrical appliances via wireless switches, plugged-in switches or from your iPad without expensive room installations.




FAQs and How-Tos



How to fit a mount kit - click here ... 




How to select your keyguard - the guard and the case you use ... click here 


All about switches ... part one click here 




Fitting A Mount Kit

Part 1: Frame Clamps






iPad Keyguards

The Case You Use and Attachment






Switches Series

Part 1: Types of Switches





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