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A.T. is where it's at!
click here to have a look at the new iAdapter Minis coming for iPad mini
New Mount'n Mover - click here for more information ...
Chester Creek computer access options, click here to read more

iAdapter 5 can transform your iPad into a proper AAC platform, click here to read how ...DAESSY MOUNTS - See For Yourself 

 Here's a video taken by Indata at ATIA Chicago in 2010. Adam from Daedalus Technologies gives us a short run through of some of the mount kits available.



DAESSY Folding Mount -- DAESSY Positioner Mount -- DAESSY Swing-Aside Mount -- DAESSY Rigid Mount -- DAESSY Mini Rigid Mount -- DAESSY Mini Folding Mount -- DAESSY Mini Adjustable Mount



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