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Proloquo2Go Keyguard for iPad

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Quick Overview

A Keyguard to fit the layout of the Proloquo2Go (version 2 or higher) AAC App for iPad. All the page setup options available make this the most complex keyguard to produce, thus all our setup questions if ordering.

Important Information About iPad Keyguards

The price above is the starting point and will change depending on iPad model, case used, attachment method and materials. Price change as at 23/10/2023

Proloquo2Go keyguard example

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An iPad Keyguard for the Proloquo2Go (version 2 or higher) AAC App.

Available in either Landscape or Portrait orientation with many different setup options available dependent upon how Proloquo2Go is setup. We need to knwo the following to ensure the guard is cut specifically for you -

  • Which iPad Model?
  • Portrait or Landscape layout?
  • Message Window On or Off - If ON, what size?
  • Number of Columns needed?
  • Number of Rows needed?
  • Are you using the Toolbar? If so, what size and how many options?
  • Whcih navigation type are your using? i.e. would you like a scroll slot or are you using Pageing (see below)?
  • How thick would you like the guard? (standard is 1/8", at additional cost is 1/4") A thicker guard creates a deeper keyguard hole and is more rigid.
  • What case, if any, are you intending to use with your iPad - not all cases are compatible with these keyguards although most of the common cases are covered.
  • Would you prefer to use one of our suggested Attachment Hardware methods, like Suction Cups for use with no case or Straps for use with DAESSY Survivor or Otterbox Defender or iAdapter 5 Edge for iAdapter 5? (You are also free to buy a guard without any Attachment Hardware and work it out yourself however, it's pretty cheap to add it into your guard selecttion if the case matches).


Your Choices for Navigation - Swiping or Pageing?

We can have a Scroll Slot designed into your guard for people that like to navigate from page to page by swiping the screen.  Some people like to use the grid buttons for navigation, which is called Pageing in Proloquo2Go. When Pageing is turned ON, two buttons of your page set will be dedicated to navigation. These two options are Scrolling or Pageing and by answering one or the other alllows us to have the guard made accordingly.

For information about Proloquo2Go Pageing, follow this link

Attachment Hardware Options

Attachment to the iPad is also important.  Follow this link to read more about the attachment options that relate to your particular iPad case and use - Important Information About iPad Keyguard Attachment

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